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Dimensional Cards - 1 set
Dimensional Cards - 1 set
Alena's Dimensional Cards is a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you love
Dimensional Cards - 2 sets
Dimensional Cards - 2 sets
Purchase 2 sets of Alena's Dimensional Cards and save $10

Alena started on the path of her Intuitive Artistic and Spiritual Journey at a very early age. Through her lifetime of esoteric studies and practices, she has had the experience of working with people energetically, emotionally and spiritually. She has witnessed incredible changes in their lives.
In Alena’s words:
“The connection to each individual with whom I have worked has been so strong that I often know what is going on with them even when they are not with me. Through channeled art I receive messages which are relevant to what is happening around me.
“I am dedicated to awakening Human Minds and to release fresh Spiritual Energy into the world. We will realize the greater possibility of existence, evolving Human Potential in a Loving World, so that we all come together naturally as One. We are building a new community living in a natural, healthy way that nurtures and supports our children and empowers them to live in a sustainable future on this planet.”
“The art on the cards carry the energetic frequencies that come through me. I painted the canvases from which they are taken, in an altered state, with no specific intention to create a particular picture. The images are representations of spiritual beings that come to me in my trans-dimensional travels.”
“My intention is that the Spirit of whoever touches these cards is connected to these energetic frequencies which will guide them on their Path and give them direction in the moment.”

How to interact with Alena’s Dimensional Cards
Shuffle the cards with a specific question in mind. This will create an energetic connection between your Spirit and the cards. Then choose three cards and place in a line face up. Listen to your intuition to let you know if you need more cards. Connect with the picture and read the words on each card. Read them together and they will contain a message that guides you to the answer.

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